We're not the petrified feathers

by Paulette Humanbeing



released October 22, 2014




Paulette Humanbeing Oakland, California

i was born and raised in stockton california

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Track Name: Johanna Sebastian Bach
johanna sebastian bach was born in oakland under the sun she was the one who had lots of tonnage in neighborhoods bare whilea combing hear hair and singing in chairs and writing on bars while driving in cars with notes and a score lie that year with the four but what a great tune she wrote many more until the sun set on her life at the vet she yay hooray music.
Track Name: Kasper's Hot Dogs
kaspar's hot dogs for fun. The chef holds a huge hot dog
it's hot like a pepper on a winter's day under sunlamps in egypt while the heater is turned to hot
it's got two windows one to look in one to look out
a lamppole with a lamp on it to darken my door with light on a friday night with hot dogs in the summer sun at the park
i think it was the fourth of july with autumn leaves surrounding the building's base like baseball players on their bags.
Track Name: Oakland
oakland oh yeah
town near hills
hills like white elephants
underneath the blue suburban sky
power poles of powerful power
made from tall titanic trees
that float when struck by icebergs
houses and homes for McCauley Caulkin
and orphaned animals displaced by construction
asphalt and blood and speedy cars
and stress hormones adrenalin and ritalin on sunday
garbage cans dust bins
biros and ballpoint pens
five cars for fun
Track Name: Elect Emily Wick and Paulette Nichols for Art
Elect Emily Wick and Paulette NIchols for Art